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Video Dose S2 E7: Using a Gaiwan


A gawain? What sorcery is this? Don't panic, it's just a making tea in a bowl with a lid the way they used to do during the Ming Dynasty. Barista extraordinaire and tea enthusiast Hannah Wright shows us how it's done. No sorcery, just saucery.

This is Video Dose


We at Everybody's Coffee strive to make you the best cup of coffee we can, which means we are constantly learning new ways to brew. Video Dose is our way of introducing you to different brewing techniques and products to help you make a great cup of coffee at home. You will also meet our dedicated [...]

Video Dose, Episode 1: Cupping


Joshua from Everybody's Coffee takes you through a process of tasting coffee called "cupping." This process opens up the flavors of the coffee giving the taster a complete overview of the flavors which a specific bean is capable. Cupping coffee can be done in a café, at a roaster, or in your own home while [...]

How to Brew Coffee with a Siphon


We're filming our new season of Video Dose, the videos we produce at Everybody's to show you how to make/keep/enjoy coffee at home. Here's Joshua and one of the strangest-looking coffee brewing methods, the siphon, from last season. Enjoy and learn how you too can impress your friends and brew some fabulous coffee with a siphon. [...]

Tea, Glorious Tea!


Spend five minutes with our multi-talented barista Hannah as she tells you everything you need to know about tea! Hannah is an expert pourer of latte art, a coffee brewing specialist, and an enthusiastic brewer of tea. You don’t want to miss this.

Home Drip Coffee Brewer Tips and Tricks


This  is our barista Joshua. He’s made delicious coffee in everything from a flower vase to a standard $20 coffee brewer to an Italian-made three-headed machine, and he has some great advice for you! Check it out!