Located in the heart of Uptown, Everybody’s Coffee is a multi-roaster, specialty coffee shop featuring house-made baked goods.

It’s Time To Get Jelly


This month we have our good friends over at Gaslight Roasters hooking us up with a soft and bright cup of Natural Processed Brazil. This juicy body is perfect to quench your coffee thirst this summer without being too heavy on your stomach in the coming months of heat. This is our first "full natural" [...]

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Thai Coffee Now at Everybody’s!


Now that it is hot outside it’s time to indulge in all the finer things cold. (My personal favorite is intermittently sticking my head into the freezer, Thai coffee is my second go to . . .) Thai coffee is definitely one thing that comes to our mind. What is Thai coffee? GREAT QUESTION! [...]

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This is Video Dose


We at Everybody's Coffee strive to make you the best cup of coffee we can, which means we are constantly learning new ways to brew. Video Dose is our way of introducing you to different brewing techniques and products to help you make a great cup of coffee at home. You will also meet our [...]

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Video Dose, Episode 1: Cupping


Joshua from Everybody's Coffee takes you through a process of tasting coffee called "cupping." This process opens up the flavors of the coffee giving the taster a complete overview of the flavors which a specific bean is capable. Cupping coffee can be done in a café, at a roaster, or in your own home [...]

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Our manager, Rich Troche was interviewed by Megan Kramer of the Medill News Service about why we only serve fair and direct trade coffee. “Someone who just wants a dark roast coffee, like my grandfather, can come in and buy that,” Troche said. “Somebody who enjoys fair trade organic and direct trade coffee, and wants [...]

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Introducing Halfwit’s Brazilian Boa Vista


For this coffee of the month we got Halfwit from Sitio Boa Vista farm in the brewer. We all agree that you need to brace yourself for a sweet experience. Sure, you could go to any local food market and find a pound of Brazil sitting in line on a shelf with all the others. This [...]

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