September 28–November 6, 2015


In conjunction with Chicago Artist Month, Day of the Heads will be on display at Everybody’s Coffee, September 28–November 6. Opening reception will be Friday, October 2, 6–8 pm.

The Heads are a collaborative effort from the artist duo Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn. The two have married science and art creating compartmentalized sculptures of human heads using an assortment of found and collected objects.

By studying the various minutia and letting the pieces inform the sculpture, eventually the head’s personality becomes apparent. “Some of the pieces reference each other,” according to Xavier, “while other pieces probably only have significance to us.” Behind each of the gew-gaws and doo-dads are stories and memories. “I lived in Israel and my father and I used to comb the deserts looking for mosaics, small treasures. These are very personal pieces,” relates Edwige.

An Obama campaign button makes an eye, the pearlescent inside of a seashell an ear, masses of grey yarn comprise the cranium, coffee beans for brains, a vintage protractor resides in the hippocampus, aspirin tablets make excellent teeth. Colored pencil tips are from one of Edwige’s students at Austin Special Chicago where she works as an Art Facilitator. Xavier is a marketing and creative lead for Manifest Advertising Agency.

The couple lives in Uptown with their extensive collection organized into drawers and their two cats. This is their first time exhibiting all 17 unique Heads.

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