For this coffee of the month we got Halfwit from Sitio Boa Vista farm in the brewer. We all agree that you need to brace yourself for a sweet experience.

Sure, you could go to any local food market and find a pound of Brazil sitting in line on a shelf with all the others. This one is beyond that grocery experience.
Brazil has numerous growing regions, and because of that it sometimes gets a bad rap for being too “commercial” for specialty roasters. We are stoked that our friends over at Halfwit took the ball and sourced a phenomenal cup. This is the third season that Halfwit has sourced from Sitio Boa Vista farm. Because of the organic fertilizers and crop integration practices, this bean works to keep the local soil healthy to prevent various plant disease while at the same time earning the farm a Rainforest Alliance certification. (Pretty sweet, huh?)
This magical Brazil Boa Vista is packed with creatively-developed flavors like golden raisins drenched in sweet caramel. Be sure to note the nostalgic graham cracker finish that brings you back to fun campfire times. Halfwit did a wonderful job roasting this bean to highlight all the prominent fruity and softly-floral notes this Pulped Natural bean has to offer.
This cup does a great job keeping the flavor conversation light and fun, and just in time for picnic season! So hurry up and get yourself in here to Everybody’s and grab some!
~Hannah Wright