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Unfiltered Infinite


  So much gets overlooked in the bigger picture. For those who take their time, slow down to observe, a hidden world is revealed. In a single drop of water are rainbow colors. The pistil-center of a flower, like eyes wide open, stares back at the viewer. Edwige Massart points her camera at the ordinary, [...]

Unfiltered Infinite2019-09-11T17:26:23+00:00

Contemporary Persian Art


The prints, marker on paper, skirts most motifs of Islamic art to include a preponderance  of music, animals, extraterrestrials swimming in a background of sky all overseen by an omniscient eye—or in some cases, eyes. Each piece has a story to tell. Everybody’s Coffee is proud to present an exhibition of prints by Iranian artist [...]

Contemporary Persian Art2019-06-18T15:16:07+00:00