We love a good art show. Everybody’s Coffee is committed to the arts, whether it’s latte throwing competitions, or concerts, plays, paintings, photography, or mixed-media.  Join us for opening receptions featuring the artist.

No Humans Around


A couple years ago EC Gallery featured a photography show called No Humans Around by Mike Rivera. Mike had to get up super early or stay up late, late to capture usually crowded Chicago landmarks in their essence, in a state of tranquility or calm—we asked him how it is now to look back on [...]

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Americana, photos by Mike Rivera


This is our third show with photographer Mike Rivera. Mike’s new show is all about giving back—all proceeds will go to Cornerstone Community Outreach, a local homeless shelter. All photographs are framed and wall-ready! Though many of the photos depict Uptown, the show also includes a few taken from assignments from all over the world. [...]

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Unfiltered Infinite


So much gets overlooked in the bigger picture. For those who take their time, slow down to observe, a hidden world is revealed. In a single drop of water are rainbow colors. The pistil-center of a flower, like eyes wide open, stares back at the viewer. Edwige Massart points her camera at the ordinary, the [...]

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Contemporary Persian Art


The prints, marker on paper, skirts most motifs of Islamic art to include a preponderance of music, animals, extraterrestrials swimming in a background of sky all overseen by an omniscient eye—or in some cases, eyes. Each piece has a story to tell. Everybody’s Coffee is proud to present an exhibition of prints by Iranian artist [...]

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Uplift Art Show: Identity


Who are we? Social media tells us one thing. Teachers, parents, and friends say something else. Every day we are defining who we are.  What is portraiture? It’s choice. It’s the ability to position your body in the world for the world to celebrate you on your own terms.---Kehinde Wiley Catina Robinson has been teaching [...]

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Sarah Cook Art Show and Interview


Opening Reception Friday, March 8, 2019 6:00 p.m. Everybody's Coffee 935 W. Wilson Ave. Uptown, Chicago At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point— there the dance is T.S. Eliot, "The Four Quartets" The world feels a bit crazy (as well as the [...]

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Interview with Artist Steve Prince


Were there any particular artists that inspired you or that you wanted to emulate when you were younger? Michelangelo, Charles White, Elizabeth Catlett, Ernie Barnes, Jacob Lawrence, Aaron Douglas, John Biggers, John Scott, and Rembrandt.  And the list goes on . . . How did you come to find yourself a printmaker? I chose the [...]

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Indigo: The Color of Whiteness


"Indigo | the color of whiteness", a series of paintings by artist Maggie Hubbard, presents icons of the white middle class. These objects and scenes take on new meaning when solely depicted with indigo dye, an ancient pigment fraught with power, colonization, and slavery. Hubbard’s work asks two critical questions of our time: who is [...]

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NEW ART SHOW: Watercolors by Bill Bartelt


Everybody’s Coffee is thrilled to exhibit Winter Dreams: Watercolors by Bill Bartelt. Twilight comes early to the alleys of Chicago in November and December. Often we fall into a state of ennui, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, caught up in Winter Dreams. Bill Bartelt’s watercolors embodies this mood, the shadows cast by streetlights, a rainy afternoon on Michigan Avenue, [...]

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Paintings by Suzanne Stewart


Everybody’s Coffee 935 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL 60640  July 28 – August 31 Opening Reception: Friday, July 28, 6 – 8 p.m. Free Despite the harsh conditions of the desert and hardscrabble ground, the succulent perseveres, finding water and nourishment. Everybody’s Coffee located at 939 W. Wilson, Chicago is proud to present its latest art exhibit, [...]

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