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From Hopping Trains to Brewing Coffee


Every cup of coffee has a story, and so do the people who make it for you. Recently our operations manager, Rich Troche, was interviewed on The Boom, a local podcast run by James O'Connell. Have a listen and learn more about Rich's train hopping, skate punk youth, and the journey that brought him [...]

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Art of Everybody’s: Upcoming Shows


Art of Everybody's: Upcoming Shows We believe great art and great coffee go together. So we've decided to highlight local artists in our fabulous space. Next time you stop in take a moment to enjoy the art from our current show. Or come by for an opening or closing reception. Here's our 2016 spring and summer [...]

Art of Everybody’s: Upcoming Shows2018-03-07T15:59:50+00:00

Spring Brings African Beans for March!


The verdant high slopes of Ethiopia are populated by beautiful coffee trees. Some are carefully groomed and others are quite wild. In fact, there are so many variations of the coffee tree present in Ethiopia that many defy classification and are simply labeled “heirloom.” This wonderful diversity produces a wide spectrum of delicate, sweet, and [...]

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Midwest Aeropress Championship Wrap Up!


UPDATE 03.21.16: Our wrap-up video is finished! Enjoy! Saturday, February 27th we were honored to host the Great Lakes Coffee Showcase where we held the Midwest regional Aeropress championship! The winner received free airfare to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in the U.S. championship. It was an event not to be missed. We had a [...]

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Art by Hiroshi Ariyama


On Friday, March 4, we are holding the opening reception for our latest art show, "Our City, Our Neighborhood" by Hiroshi Ariyama. The artist will be at Everybody's to talk about his work and process from 6-8p.m. There will, of course, be free treats. Please come, meet the artist, and enjoy his beautiful work! For [...]

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Midwest Aeropress Championship!


On Saturday, February 27, Everybody’s will be hosting the Midwest Aeropress Championship! The winner of the championship gets airfare to the US Aeropress Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Even if you don’t want to compete, there will be plenty to do, see, and drink that day! There will be free samples of coffee from local roasters, [...]

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February’s Featured Coffee


It’s February here at Everybody’s Coffee and we aren’t just working on celebrating 2 years in this wonderful city, we are working hard to celebrate coffee and all the things that come along with it. So it has been our pleasure to showcase Big Shoulders Coffee Roasters to keep your hands warm this February, with [...]

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Everybody’s Turns 2 On February 10!


Almost exactly two years ago, we opened Everybody’s Coffee in the midst of a cold and dark February. Our first customer paid with a two dollar bill, which we have framed behind the bar. Her latte was the first of many, many drinks served to our customers, who we think are the best customers in [...]

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Tea, Glorious Tea!


Spend five minutes with our multi-talented barista Hannah as she tells you everything you need to know about tea! Hannah Wright is an expert pourer of latte art, a coffee brewing specialist, and an enthusiastic brewer of tea. You don’t want to miss this.

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Latte Art Training


Here at Everybody’s, we take our art seriously. From the frequent art shows on display to our musical guests, we try hard to bring in the best art we can find. We are also dedicated to pouring beautiful latte art on the tops of our espresso drinks. Learning how to pour latte art is a [...]

Latte Art Training2018-03-07T16:14:53+00:00
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