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Relationship Coffee


In March of 2019, Everybody’s set out on a journey we’d been hoping to make since our origin (pun intended). Source coffee directly from farmers! One of our founders, Rich Troche, made a trip to Honduras, and began our first Direct Trade relationship with a coffee farmer named Adolfo! We enjoyed quoting Rich throughout this [...]

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2017 Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship


2017 Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship On June 24, Everybody's Coffee will be partnering with Metropolis Coffee to throw a legendary coffee bash at the new Metropolis Roasting Facility. So mark your calendars and get ready for a high pressure rumble that will send one worthy champ all the way to Seattle for the US AeroPress [...]

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Love Letters by Sade Edwards


Love Letters: Digital Illustration By Sade Edwards June 9 – July 10 Opening Reception: Friday, June 9, 6–8 pm Love Letters is the latest art exhibit at Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago in the Uptown neighborhood. This highly autobiographical show features the work of Sade Edwards, a digital artist. Working in the vein of [...]

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Chicago, Meet Slayer Steam


On Thursday, February 2, Everybody's Coffee will host the Seattle-based espresso machine company Slayer as they unveil their newest espresso machine to the Chicago coffee community! Slayer is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge espresso machines and is well known in the coffee community for creating beautiful machines with proprietary technology. Their newest espresso machine [...]

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It’s Time To Get Jelly


This month we have our good friends over at Gaslight Roasters hooking us up with a soft and bright cup of Natural Processed Brazil. This juicy body is perfect to quench your coffee thirst this summer without being too heavy on your stomach in the coming months of heat. This is our first "full natural" [...]

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Patio Building Time-Lapse Video


We had a great team volunteer to help us put our new patio together. Our custom patio fences, made by Chicago Custom Metal Signs, showcase our Uptown pride and the wood and Lego-inspired Everblock used for the tables is from Lakefront Roofing Supply, both located at 2950 N. Western Ave. This is also where [...]

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Introducing Hellion Cold Brew


Introducing Hellion Cold Brew Folks, lets face the facts. 1. It isn't getting any cooler. 2. You aren't going to get any less sweaty. 3. It's now cold coffee season. Let us help you cool down and get perked up with Metric Coffee's Hellion Cold Brew. We can serve it straight out of the bottle [...]

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Our manager, Rich Troche was interviewed by Megan Kramer of the Medill News Service about why we only serve fair and direct trade coffee. “Someone who just wants a dark roast coffee, like my grandfather, can come in and buy that,” Troche said. “Somebody who enjoys fair trade organic and direct trade coffee, and wants [...]

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