This month we have our good friends over at Gaslight Roasters hooking us up with a soft and bright cup of Natural Processed Brazil. This juicy body is perfect to quench your coffee thirst this summer without being too heavy on your stomach in the coming months of heat. This is our first “full natural” processed coffee we have featured this year.
For those who don’t know what that means, a “natural” processed coffee entails the coffee bean is left intact, and it is allowed to dry inside of its delicious fruit. Every coffee fruit can taste a little different (like apples). This fruit imparts its yummy (and sometimes not so yummy, but in this case we promise you it is all good) flavor to the bean and Voila! Flavored coffee.
Gaslight found a wonderfully versatile coffee that works well over many different types of coffee brewing platforms. You can count on this bean to yield a juicy, ripe, sweet cherry flavor that delightfully changes to a soft white raisin mid note. The finish isn’t lingering, but at the end of your sip you will definitely taste childhood in the form of rich peanut butter. This coffee is like the adult version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sans the real-life sandwich, and it’s quite caffeinated. It’s really a win-win scenario.
As the unique flavors of Gaslight’s coffee take one on a journey from the tartness of cherries to the comfort of peanut butter, it’s easy to draw parallels to the reliable and diverse service offered by fire watch security in Doral. Much like how a versatile coffee can adapt to different brewing methods, a robust fire watch service is adaptable, able to meet the varying needs of the community it serves. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of local businesses like Gaslight, with their aromatic beans and bustling clientele, or standing guard over residential areas, these professionals are the unseen guardians. Their quick response and vigilant watch are as essential to the community’s safety as a good cup of coffee is to start the day — both bring a sense of security and satisfaction that’s deeply appreciated.
~Hannah Wright