Introducing Hellion Cold Brew

Folks, lets face the facts.

1. It isn’t getting any cooler.

2. You aren’t going to get any less sweaty.

3. It’s now cold coffee season.

Let us help you cool down and get perked up with Metric Coffee’s Hellion Cold Brew. We can serve it straight out of the bottle or poured over a cup of ice. Its smooth body and delightful dark cocoa notes keep you sipping. This is definitely a coffee worth taking the time to get to know. Hellion is also probably one of the more versatile cold brews out there; it does well for those who do dairy and for those who don’t. Metric might be a young kid on the block when it comes to the local Chicago coffee scene, but the exciting flavors they keep slinging out say “Hey, you. Yeah. You. In the black shirt. Yes . . . Drink this.”