Everybody’s Coffee makes a great cup of hot coffee, but we also love throwing some cold drinks at you. You can pick up a Hellion Cold Brew from our fridge or order an iced chai or coffee. Since we’re two blocks from Lake Michigan, make Everybody’s your stop for a cold one before you hit the beach.

Making Great Coffee Even Better


We've gotten a bit of a face lift, but you may not notice it since it's a little behind-the-scenes. Coffee doesn't have to be intimidating or complicated. We're constantly striving to make the best coffee we can and serve our customers quickly and attentively. In order for us to do that we had to make some [...]

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Thai Coffee Now at Everybody’s!


Now that it is hot outside it’s time to indulge in all the finer things cold. (My personal favorite is intermittently sticking my head into the freezer, Thai coffee is my second go to . . .) Thai coffee is definitely one thing that comes to our mind. What is Thai coffee? GREAT QUESTION! [...]

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Introducing Hellion Cold Brew


Introducing Hellion Cold Brew Folks, lets face the facts. 1. It isn't getting any cooler. 2. You aren't going to get any less sweaty. 3. It's now cold coffee season. Let us help you cool down and get perked up with Metric Coffee's Hellion Cold Brew. We can serve it straight out of the bottle [...]

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We’ve Got Cold Drinks for Spring!


Spring has arrived! Along with a lot of clearance winter clothing items and cooling drinks to remind you that you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and experience sunshine! Let’s get into the new things budding up here at Everybody’s Coffee. Our sweet Thai coffee is up and back on our menu for the following [...]

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