Spring has arrived! Along with a lot of clearance winter clothing items and cooling drinks to remind you that you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and experience sunshine! Let’s get into the new things budding up here at Everybody’s Coffee.

Our sweet Thai coffee is up and back on our menu for the following spring and summer months. If you are new to the Thai Coffee Club, or you just simply want to know what it is, let us get you in the loop! Imagine a fine cup of cold, smooth, and deeply sweet coffee capped with a happy portion of half and half to level it out. It’s the perfect buzzworthy drink on the go.

We also have a new addition to our iced tea game. We now feature Rishi’s Classic Black and a refreshing Ginger Green Tea. Both are really tasty teas and have a lot to bring to the table in terms of flavor. The delightful citrus keeps the flavor conversation light when paired with the green tea. For you tea lovers out there, this is a must try!

So you thought that glass bottle of plastic sealed regret in the refrigerated section was going to get you through the day? Too bad it wasn’t Chicago’s own Metric Roasters Hellion Cold Brew Coffee! It’s perfectly smooth and boldly flavorful to keep you sippin’ through the heat of the day. This is definitely a tasteful drink you won’t regret later.