We’ve gotten a bit of a face lift, but you may not notice it since it’s a little behind-the-scenes. Coffee doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. We’re constantly striving to make the best coffee we can and serve our customers quickly and attentively. In order for us to do that we had to make some changes behind the bar.

How are we making Everybody’s Coffee better for you?

We’re getting busier all the time and we needed to make the space more ergonomic and efficient to tackle high traffic business hours. Most coffee shops only have a two-head espresso machine but we have three, which means our baristas can double bar to provide you with speedy drink preparation.

We’ve installed a brew bar at the pick-up counter so you can watch your coffee being prepared with an Aeropress or Clever. Our baristas can engage with the customer while they wait, answering questions about the cold brew process or just shooting the breeze.

Our most exciting new addition is our bar tap! It’s still being installed but should be ready soon. It will featured filtered water, sparkling water, and local roaster Metric’s cold brew Quantum espresso blend!

We’ve also set up our Grab & Go refrigerator so we can expand our selections of prepared foods. We are currently offering organic yogurt with house-made granola all day. Our sandwiches are from HandCut Foods, a local company committed to responsible sourcing by buying ingredients locally and building relationships with ranchers, farmers, millers, and butchers who practice ethical raising, grow and harvest naturally, and minimally process their goods.

Everybody’s Coffee is committed to responsible sourcing and minimal waste. We save our espresso and coffee grounds waste for composting, giving it to local urban gardens for fertilizer. We want to be a neighborhood coffee shop that gives back to our community.