Now that it is hot outside it’s time to indulge in all the finer things cold. (My personal favorite is intermittently sticking my head into the freezer, Thai coffee is my second go to . . .)

Thai coffee is definitely one thing that comes to our mind.

What is Thai coffee? GREAT QUESTION!

Thai coffee has a couple other aliases but the most popular one is “Oliang.” The word itself is from a dialect spoken by a number of Thai Chinese individuals. The word “O” means black, and “liang” means cold.

How do you make it? ANOTHER WONDERFUL QUESTION!!!!

Easily actually. We take a dark-roasted coffee bean that has been roasted with corn as well, and then we cold brew it for 12 hours. The corn imparts very little flavor to the coffee, but it does add a level of smoothness that just isn’t achieved on its own. In the middle of that we take the creative liberty to sweeten the brew with sugar. (Normally condensed milk is the sweetener of choice, and this is where we take creative liberty.) Finally, after all the magic is done, we filter out the finer bits of coffee with a strainer. The final product is a super sweet and deeply smooth cup of coffee.

Before serving, we add a happy portion of half and half to take it to a whole other level. It’s a pretty great summer sipper if you like bold and cold coffee balanced with the sweet and milky.

Hannah Wright