Everybody’s Coffee is a dedicated customer of the Aeropress. We have even hosted the Midwest Aeropress Championship! We love to talk about it, so come in and ask us about the benefits of using an Aeropress.

AeroPress Championship Recap


AeroPressing with Metropolis at the Aeropress Championship   On Saturday, June 24, 18 competitors from as far away as Kentucky came out to press their way to the top in the US Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship at the Metropolis roasting facility in Chicago. Competitors stirred, flipped, plunged and brewed their competition coffee (Ethiopia Worka Sakaro [...]

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2017 Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship


2017 Midwest Regional AeroPress Championship On June 24, Everybody's Coffee will be partnering with Metropolis Coffee to throw a legendary coffee bash at the new Metropolis Roasting Facility. So mark your calendars and get ready for a high pressure rumble that will send one worthy champ all the way to Seattle for the US AeroPress [...]

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November Coffees from Halfwit and Madcap


This month, we are excited to present some stellar coffees, roasted by our friends at Madcap in Grand Rapids, Michigan and at Halfwit here in Chicago. Right now you can drop by and enjoy Nicaragua La Flor by Halfwit as our drip coffee option brewed on Fetco. When we cupped this coffee, we were amazed at the [...]

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Making Great Coffee Even Better


We've gotten a bit of a face lift, but you may not notice it since it's a little behind-the-scenes. Coffee doesn't have to be intimidating or complicated. We're constantly striving to make the best coffee we can and serve our customers quickly and attentively. In order for us to do that we had to make some [...]

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An Award-Winning Coffee of the Month


Believe it or not, coffee competitions are a big deal. The winners don't win by accident or because they have the most photogenic face. They win because they source, roast, and brew with great care, concern, and skill. By doing so, they raise the bar for everyone else. Andy Sprenger, the owner and head roaster [...]

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Midwest Aeropress Championship Wrap Up!


UPDATE 03.21.16: Our wrap-up video is finished! Enjoy! Saturday, February 27th we were honored to host the Great Lakes Coffee Showcase where we held the Midwest regional Aeropress championship! The winner received free airfare to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in the U.S. championship. It was an event not to be missed. We had a [...]

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Midwest Aeropress Championship!


On Saturday, February 27, Everybody’s will be hosting the Midwest Aeropress Championship! The winner of the championship gets airfare to the US Aeropress Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Even if you don’t want to compete, there will be plenty to do, see, and drink that day! There will be free samples of coffee from local roasters, [...]

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