This month, we are excited to present some stellar coffees, roasted by our friends at Madcap in Grand Rapids, Michigan and at Halfwit here in Chicago.

Right now you can drop by and enjoy Nicaragua La Flor by Halfwit as our drip coffee option brewed on Fetco. When we cupped this coffee, we were amazed at the floral notes and clean cup characteristics of this Nicaraguan, and are delighted to have it on as a mainstay drip option this month. You can learn more about the coffee on Halfwit’s website: Half-Wit Nicauragua La Flor.
For our manual brew methods, we’ve selected two delicious coffees from Madcap: Guatemala El Pilar on Clever Dripper and Ethiopia Reko on AeroPress. El Pilar is slightly uncharacteristic for a Guatemalan, given its delicate stone fruit aromatics and clean finish. The Clever Dripper serves the coffee well and draws those subtle notes out, leaving notes of almond and marzipan on the palate. Check out more info here: MadCap El Pilar.
As Ethiopians go, Reko stands out with a uniquely peachy, juicy profile. The AeroPress amplifies the richly fragrant aromatics of this coffee and highlights the coffee’s syrupy body. Expect tons of ripe fruit flavor notes out of this coffee, and be sure to visit Madcap’s website for more information: MadCap Reko