Believe it or not, coffee competitions are a big deal. The winners don’t win by accident or because they have the most photogenic face. They win because they source, roast, and brew with great care, concern, and skill. By doing so, they raise the bar for everyone else.

Andy Sprenger, the owner and head roaster of  Sweet Bloom Coffee, won the first 2 US Brewers Championships back to back, placed 2nd in the World Brewers Championship, won the 2013 US Aeropress Champion, placed 2nd in the 2014 US Cup Tasters Championship, and has roasted coffee for one of the top 3 competitors in virtually every coffee competition in the past few years. It’s pretty nuts and it is certainly no accident.

This intentionality is taken even further through Sweet Bloom’s unique direct trade model–Andy brings the coffee farmers to his roastery in Colorado to connect them with the end result of their hard work and with the people actually drinking the coffee.

We are thrilled to offer the hard work of Mr. Carlos Imbachi from Colombia as our drip coffee of the month. Sweet Bloom has done an incredible job roasting it and also blown our minds with their handling of a Rwanda coffee that we are offering exclusively on the AeroPress.