Coffee of the Month is our way of featuring coffee growers from around the world and local Chicago roasters. You’ll want to come in every month to taste our special coffee.

November Coffees from Halfwit and Madcap


This month, we are excited to present some stellar coffees, roasted by our friends at Madcap in Grand Rapids, Michigan and at Halfwit here in Chicago. Right now you can drop by and enjoy Nicaragua La Flor by Halfwit as our drip coffee option brewed on Fetco. When we cupped this coffee, we were amazed at the [...]

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It’s Time To Get Jelly


This month we have our good friends over at Gaslight Roasters hooking us up with a soft and bright cup of Natural Processed Brazil. This juicy body is perfect to quench your coffee thirst this summer without being too heavy on your stomach in the coming months of heat. This is our first "full natural" [...]

It’s Time To Get Jelly2024-03-08T20:50:19+00:00



Our manager, Rich Troche was interviewed by Megan Kramer of the Medill News Service about why we only serve fair and direct trade coffee. “Someone who just wants a dark roast coffee, like my grandfather, can come in and buy that,” Troche said. “Somebody who enjoys fair trade organic and direct trade coffee, and wants [...]

TOP “FAIR TRADE” CITY IN THE U.S.2018-06-06T15:53:51+00:00

Introducing Halfwit’s Brazilian Boa Vista


For this coffee of the month we got Halfwit from Sitio Boa Vista farm in the brewer. We all agree that you need to brace yourself for a sweet experience. Sure, you could go to any local food market and find a pound of Brazil sitting in line on a shelf with all the others. This [...]

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An Award-Winning Coffee of the Month


Believe it or not, coffee competitions are a big deal. The winners don't win by accident or because they have the most photogenic face. They win because they source, roast, and brew with great care, concern, and skill. By doing so, they raise the bar for everyone else. Andy Sprenger, the owner and head roaster [...]

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Spring Brings African Beans for March!


The verdant high slopes of Ethiopia are populated by beautiful coffee trees. Some are carefully groomed and others are quite wild. In fact, there are so many variations of the coffee tree present in Ethiopia that many defy classification and are simply labeled “heirloom.” This wonderful diversity produces a wide spectrum of delicate, sweet, and [...]

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February’s Featured Coffee


It’s February here at Everybody’s Coffee and we aren’t just working on celebrating 2 years in this wonderful city, we are working hard to celebrate coffee and all the things that come along with it. So it has been our pleasure to showcase Big Shoulders Coffee Roasters to keep your hands warm this February, with [...]

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