August, 19 – September 25

Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 23, 6 – 8 pm

Everybody’s Coffee

935 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL 60640


This is Josiah Jindrich’s 2nd show with Everybody’s. Born and raised in Chicago Josiah is an international traveler. His first show displayed shots taken from around the world. The focus of his current untitled show is Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. In 2015 Josiah traveled to Alaska to work in the fisheries and the Aleutian fishing boats.

His photos have a sharp edge which expose a fragile environment, a way of life that is rapidly receding. Just like a fern caught in ice, the wildness and beauty of the Great North may one day only be preserved in photos such as these.

Josiah puts himself right in the middle of the action—whether a skateboard park in Denmark or a football pitch in Italy. He’s traveled to the slums of Cape Town and hiked the fjords of Norway. He takes a keen interest in locals, continuing to show how people and places impact one another, bringing us closer into their everyday life.

The show runs August 23 through September 25, with an opening reception Tuesday, August 23, 6 – 8 pm. Join us at Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago—and let these photos take you places, transport you in ways you haven’t seen before.