Photography by Kevin Utz and Kirsten Lefeldt

What happens when you put an engineer for the Wilson Station Reconstruction Project together with his counterpart working for the construction company? A friendly photographic dual. When Kevin Utz, quality assurance manager for CH2M (consultants to CTA), and Kirsten Lefeldt, quality control manager for Walsh Construction, would meet at a Everybody’s Coffee, in the Uptown neighborhood surrounding the Wilson Station Reconstruction Project, they’d pull out their phones and compare photography. Eventually they brought to Everybody’s Coffee the idea of a photo exhibit. “Wilson Station: Behind the Scenes” is the result of their combined efforts.

Opening Reception is Friday, November 11, with a reception from 6–8 pm.

The Wilson Red Line station has been under construction since December 2014 and will continue until January 2018, one of the largest CTA ‘L’ projects in the agency’s history. The extensive project involves not only two new platforms, but an overhaul of the 1923 station at Wilson and Broadway. Plans include the restoration of architect Arthur Gerber’s original facade and former clock tower.

The project involves replacing much of the 100-year-old track structure, composed of Carnegie Steel, and modernizing the 91-year-old station by adding an elevator, brighter lighting, and wider platforms. Through every phase of the project Kevin and Kirsten have been there with their cameras. Their photos captured the demolition of an iconic track over Broadway and the auxiliary entrance/exit on Wilson, with the original stairs from 1900. There are shots of cranes extending heavenward and concrete pours over sea-green rebar. Their work is a look behind the scenes. Fans of CTA history won’t want to miss this show!

Join us for an Opening Reception Friday, November 11, 6–8 pm, and meet the photographers Kevin Utz and Kirsten Lefeldt.  Proceeds from sales to benefit Cornerstone Community Outreach, a local shelter in the shadow of Wilson Station.

The show will run through January 2, 2017.

To set up interviews or request slides from show, contact: Jane Hertenstein, 773-454-4887

Uptown Station Original Construction by CTA

Photo by Chicago Transit Authority